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"We have been using Presenters of Living History to put on our yearly Renaissance Day for years.  Not only do they do an excellent job, but they are also very responsive to anticipating and meeting our needs, and constantly strive to improve from year to year.  My students frequently point to our Renaissance Day as their favorite part of the school year."        John Haas, Delta Vista Middle School, Oakley, CA


"Presenters of Living History have not only brought the Renaissance to life to the students at Park View Middle School but they have been a teacher's dream. Planning a Renaissance Faire is a very difficult and time consuming task. Working with Patrick Franz and the rest of the bunch made a stressful situation easy and even enjoyable!"
Becki Miller, Park View Middle School, Yucaipa, CA



"We have used Patrick Franz and his group for several years now at our school and we are always impressed with their cooperation, professionalism, and their enthusiasm! They put on a wonderful program that is both educational and fun!"

Eileen Pontrelli, Oak Avenue Intermediate School, Temple City, California








"A hearty huzzah!!-  These folks are great- fun, informative and great with kids."

Richard King, O'Hara Park Middle School, Oakley, CA


"Presenters of Living History truly bring the past alive for our students.  Whether putting on a pageant, getting the inside story from Queen Elizabeth I, or being directed by Shakespeare himself, the kids have great fun and can't stop talking about the experience.  In fact, one student was severely disappointed last year when he found out these wonderful presenters weren't coming back again the next day!  It is always the highlight of our year in 7th grade history!"

Mark Rathjen, Diablo Vista Middle School, Danville, CA


"An objective test of the Civil War stuff: best test scored of the year.  Student feedback was positive."  Tom Tully, Delta Vista Middle School, Oakley, CA



"They bring a level of professionalism you won't fully appreciate until you experience it.  The educational aspect of the experience, though hidden in the fun, is clearly the main event.  You can trust these guys!"

Nancy Noble, Hook Junior High, Victorville, CA






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