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Presenters of Living History has roots in Renaissance History reaching back 40 years.  Many of our presenters have been a part of our programs back in the days when we did "America's Beginnings", "Old West" and "Old California", and many have been a part of Civil War reenactments.


Until recently PLH has not had the chance to bring our unique brand of "Dynamic Interaction" to this exciting period of our history.  That changed in May 2006, when we were given the opportunity to introduce a new series of experiences to former students.


For years we have come into schools for our "Renaissance Day" and presented to the 7th graders, only to be greeted by 8th graders who fondly remember us from the previous year.  This fondness turns to disappointment when we tell them that we're not there for them, but the new 7th graders.

Photos by: Martin Butler
(Marked Turtle Vision)  For the entire collection, Please go to: The Turtles Vision - PLH
Thank You Martin!


With news of "Civil War Day" approaching, students' expectations were high as they remembered the experiences of the previous year.  And having already witnessed their 7th grade counterparts have their "Renaissance Day", they were ready for a day of their own.


Once again, we came in with a selection of presenters, each with a class specially designed for 8th graders who had just finished their Civil War unit.


What a pleasure it was to get a second year with our students, to let them see Queen Elizabeth now dressed as Mary Edwards Walker, Civil War doctor; or William Shakespeare as a Union corporal running stretcher races!


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There were new faces as well, including a Civil War Cavalryman who brought an entire campsite with many artifacts from actual battle sites.

One class included a condensed timeline of major battles.  Students were given command of soldiers and told to place them on the oversized map, exploring the changes in military tactics and demonstrating the scope of loss on both sides.  


Dancing is a different class this time around, with 8th graders slightly less giggly in comparison with their 7th grade counterparts while dancing with a partner.


There were new crafts, too, so every student had something to take home with them at the end of the day.

In between all the teaching, there was still time for fun.  And, in true PLH fashion, having fun while being taught, too!

A program like this "Civil War Day" can be brought to your school, providing a day of excitement and learning for your students.  Email us for more information!

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