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An AYLI/To Go Production

That's Right, Jack Is Back!  Hang on to those Hats and Glasses, cuz this here's the Wildest Show in the Wilderness!


Jack is our Rollicking, Rapid-Fire Wild West Meller-Drammer, performed at State Fairs and Historical Festivals all over the Wild West!  It stars an flexible and energetic cast!









Showtime! begins with the cast doing some quick acrobatics (cuz they can!), and the audience is primed to join in: Cheer, Boo, Yell and scream rude comments to the characters onstage!


As our Story opens we meet Sweet Geranium and Heroic Jack, two young Lovers,  They are lovers.  They love being in LoveLove, Love, Love!  They're so durn cute and sweet that you'll get cavities just looking at 'em!



Jack and Geranium are also good patriots, dedicated to protecting the the west for General U.S.Grant!




Now before this show gets banned by Dentists everywhere, and the audience gags on all this wretched sugariness (see picture), Allow me to introduce you to the two folk who make life interesting:  Our Villains!



There's Dastardly Sam Snideley (MooHoo Haha Hah!), the town Banker (Your Money is in Safe Hands.  Trust Me.).  Sam is our Be-Caped Bad guy; Nasty, but not too smart.






The Brains of the outfit, chief plan-maker and bottle-washer is Big Belle.  She's a bad girl with a heart of gold, AND she's one of  those women!





Well, the show doesn't get too boring (and syrupy) before something interesting happens.  The Bad Guys get to do what Bad guys do...  Sam heads over to Geranium's house, and he Threatens Geranium.






And then...Sam gets to Threaten Geranium some more...







Then she gets Really Threatened by Sam







And finally Belle comes over and some REAL Threatening starts.


Well, one thing leads to another, and before the theivin' and connivin' gets too excitin', the Bad Guys are trounced and Jack and Geranium are back to Kissing again.(Yeesh!)




...But with a cry of "Curses, Foiled Again!" Sam vows to get his revenge!




Photos By Patrick Morgan/Gwendolyn Warfield



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