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Civil War Classes Offered:
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Civil War

Civil War Weapons - A demonstration of weaponry and interactive battle tactics.
CW Battles - An interactive overview of the major battles played out on a US map!
Songs of the Times - The songs that our forefathers sang.
CW Stretcher Races
- Games with instruction on first aid and foraging.
CW Camplife - A recreation of a soldiers campsite, with hands-on discussion.
CW Cavalry - The life of a cavalry soldier, with horse, when available!
CW Dancing - A beloved class!  From Square Dances to Cotillions, students get up and Dance!
Mary Edwards Walker - Teaching CW medicine and clothing from the first US female doctor to wear pants!
Basketry - A student favorite!  A hands-on experience in basket making.
The Still Room - The uses and meanings of herbs and spices in pomanders and sachets.
Rag Dolls & Advanced Rag Dolls - The children make toys from scraps of leftover material, as they have for centuries, with special focus on the Appomattox Courthouse Silent Witness.
Daily Life - Give the students a glimpse of life on the battlefield, camplife and the homefront, including the everyday life of children their own age.
CW Medicine - Interactive and possibly gory, this class covers the training -and lack thereof - of a CW doctor, and the advances made in medicine and battlefield triage.


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